GVR’s “One Can a Payday” Makes a Difference

Green Valley, AZ – Green Valley Recreation (GVR), a non-profit organization serving Green Valley’s adult retirement community – has successfully collected food for the Green Valley-Sahuarita Community Food Bank.

Thanks to the attendees of the (GVR) Christmas party last December, as much as 213 pounds of food were collected. Food Bank donation stations can be found at GVR centers. Food collection boxes have been on display all year round. In the past, these boxes were available only during the holidays.

Recently, GVR proposed a program known as “One Can a Payday” among its employees. Around 200 items could be collected each month and donated to the Food Bank if each employee gives just one non-perishable item every payday.

Spearheading the program is GVR’s Human Resources Director Nancy Mackel. “It’s very easy to pick up one extra item while you are doing your grocery shopping,” says Mackel. She also said that GVR employees were generous enough to donate 75 pounds of food on the first day of the program. Food boxes are always ready to be filled in GVR centers.

Indeed, the sense of community in Green Valley is alive. Residents of Green Valley are always ready to help out others who are in need. This is one of the reasons why many people continue to invest in new homes in Green Valley. If you are also interested in Green Valley real estate, contact Dorn Homes – the most reliable among Green Valley home builders. Dorn-built new homes in Green Valley are stylish, comfortable, convenient, and energy efficient. One community definitely worth checking out is Dorn Homes’s new joint venture with Fairfield Homes, Solterra.


Grand Opening in Solterra

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Expansion plans for Tubac Center of the Arts

Tubac Homes

According to a center official, the planned expansion of the Tubac Center of the Arts (TCA) could boost tourism when it provides a new gallery for featuring shows of well-known local painters such as Hugh Cabot, Ross Stefan and Dale Nichols.
TCA Treasurer of Board of Directors Dave Bouchein said a fundraising drive has already been started with a goal of $700,000. Thanks to one-on-one talks with donors and through bequests from two estates, $355,000 has already been raised.

“We really want it to be of the artists of this area so we can collect and present the art work of the artists who made the Santa Cruz Valley and Tubac what it is today,” Bouchein said. “We think we’re going to draw a lot of people for that. People have heard of these artists in the past and come and ask where they can see it. There is no place to see it now.”

About 3,400 square feet will be added to the present 5,800-square-foot building. The $700,000 goal will cover for the construction costs of about $560,000 and $140,000 will be added to the endowment fund to pay for operating costs. The art center already owns the land on which the expansion is planned, Bouchein said.

Since it was built in 1972, the TCA has had two additions, which include the Smith Gallery currently used for displaying art. It also has a stage for performing arts and a space in the rear of the building that is used for storage and office space.

According to Bouchein, the art center’s storage space is getting cramped. But with the expansion, the receiving and shipping for the frequently changing art shows will have more area. The small kitchen for volunteers and the aging restrooms will likewise be replaced.

Also included in the new plan are a workshop and lecture hall, meeting room, art reference library, and more office space for employees and volunteers. Handicapped access will be added outside and the front landscaping and signage will be improved.

The schedule calls for the fundraising drive to conclude at the end of May and for groundbreaking to happen in November.

Presentations to the public showing the floor plan will be shown on March 9 and March 14 at 9 a.m., or March 11 at 4 p.m. at the art center.

Tubac is known to be a haven for artists and aspiring artists. It is an ideal residential area for those who adore the arts. But even if you are not artistically inclined, there are many reasons to invest in Tubac real estate. New homes in Tubac are growing in number. The art community of Tubac has a friendly and comfy atmosphere, where anyone will feel right at home. So live in a stylish, comfortable, convenient and energy efficient Tubac custom home built only by Dorn Homes—the most reliable among home builders in Tubac.

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Dorn’s Green Homes in Arizona


custom home builder Arizona

Green home building in a place like Arizona is advantageous for both the homeowners and the environment. The abundance of sun and nature in Arizona has inspired green home builders like Dorn Homes to create stylish, comfortable, convenient and energy efficient homes that would make any homeowner happy.

Contrary to misconceptions, Arizona is not just dust and dirt. Its scenery is both breathtaking and awe-inspiring. Panoramic desert landscapes, clear rivers and majestic mountains abound, offering residents unique experiences, adventures, and stunning sights.

In order to help preserve the stunning environment, green home building is implemented by the best custom home builder in Arizona—Dorn Homes. Dorn’s new Arizona homes are 53-70% more energy efficient than a typical pre-existing home.

Dorn Homes is proud to say that as a great luxury home builder, it scores between 48 to 61 on the Home Energy Rating System or HERS. HERS is a scoring system by the Residential Energy Services Network to measure a home’s energy efficiency and determine if it meets Energy Star guidelines. The lower the HERS index, the more energy efficient the home is. An older pre-existing home averages with a HERS score of 130.

Dorn’s green homes are energy efficient because of these features:

  • Natural insulation – A Dorn home has a sealed envelope that reduces heating and cooling costs. This insulation extends up to the roof deck, allowing the ductwork to be inside the heated and cooled space.
  • Solar hot water system – This includes an 80 gallon hot water heater, with a closed loop system and a 95% efficient electric backup to ensure a consistent stream of fresh hot water. Water conserving toilets, faucets, and shower heads are included. PEX plumbing waterlines that reduce the amount of heat loss from water in the piping are also used.
  • Fresh air intake and full home ventilation system – This creates an environment with healthy fresh air, less dust, fewer odors, and remarkably comfortable and consistent temperatures.
  • Special oversized windows – These are incorporated not just for a better view of the scenic surroundings of Arizona, but also to allow light to come in minus the ultraviolet rays. High performance windows help reduce energy loss by 30-50% by helping keep the home cooler during summer and warmer during winter. They also reduce noise transfer.
  • SEER AC units and programmable thermostats – These reduce energy by adjusting the temperature according to a series of programmed settings that take effect at different times of the day.
  • Highly efficient appliances – Compact fluorescent light bulbs and Energy Star dishwasher are included to create truly green homes from Dorn Homes.

Jobs and Training for Unemployed at Prescott Community Café

Chino Valley High School student Rebecca Eltringham, 17, and Chef Bryan Nowicki prep for a catering event later in the day Friday afternoon at Open Door in Prescott. Nowicki is working with several charitable organizations to open a Community Cafe Training Center in downtown Prescott.

Prescott AZ – Thanks to Chef Bryan Nowicki and a group of local charitable organizations, out-of-work individuals can have temporary jobs and a place to learn useful skills at the “Community Cafe.” Nowicki currently serves as executive chef and director of the food program at the Open Door in Prescott.

Nowicki believes it might lead to a number of good things in the community. Not only would the previously unemployed be able to find jobs of their own, but they also would add to a pool of culinary employees for other restaurants in town.

Jean Littlehale, senior program director for Catholic Charities, agrees with Nowicki. She believes that the Community Café could lead to lots of benefits. She points out that people who have long been unemployed often have “life skill” problems that keep them from keeping a steady job. In addition to teaching the necessary culinary skills, the Community Café would work on those life issues, Littlehale said.

For instance, she said: “How do you problem-solve without losing your job?” The training will delve into issues such as what employees should do if they encounter car trouble or if their babysitter quits suddenly.

“It may seem slight, but it is those slight things that make a difference between having a job or not having a job,” Littlehale said. “We asked, ‘what would make a difference in our town?'” Littlehale said. “Everyone said what we really need are jobs.”

That led to the idea for the Community Café. Along with Catholic Charities and Nowicki, also on board are Sacred Heart Catholic Parish, the Arizona Women’s Education and Employment (AWEE), and the Coalition for Compassion and Justice.

Nowicki, or known simply as Chef Bryan in the community, already provides a version of the training at Open Door. He explained that he brings on volunteers who are out of work for a variety of reasons. The volunteers help with the cooking for the free meals that Open Door serves four times a week at its West Gurley Street location, along with the catering that Nowicki does through his Chef Bryan catering.

“Guys were coming through, and they were out of jobs,” Nowicki explained Friday as he prepared the food for a catered party later that night. He mentors them, and helps them find permanent jobs elsewhere.

The project is a good example of the efforts that the active and helpful community in Prescott exerts. It is this sense of community that attracts many homeowners who are in search of a good Arizona community. If you are still looking for that place you’ll call home, contact Dorn Homes, the number one custom home builder in Arizona. Dorn-built new Arizona homes are comfortable, convenient, energy efficient, and are situated in homey Prescott communities.

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