GVR’s “One Can a Payday” Makes a Difference

Green Valley, AZ – Green Valley Recreation (GVR), a non-profit organization serving Green Valley’s adult retirement community – has successfully collected food for the Green Valley-Sahuarita Community Food Bank.

Thanks to the attendees of the (GVR) Christmas party last December, as much as 213 pounds of food were collected. Food Bank donation stations can be found at GVR centers. Food collection boxes have been on display all year round. In the past, these boxes were available only during the holidays.

Recently, GVR proposed a program known as “One Can a Payday” among its employees. Around 200 items could be collected each month and donated to the Food Bank if each employee gives just one non-perishable item every payday.

Spearheading the program is GVR’s Human Resources Director Nancy Mackel. “It’s very easy to pick up one extra item while you are doing your grocery shopping,” says Mackel. She also said that GVR employees were generous enough to donate 75 pounds of food on the first day of the program. Food boxes are always ready to be filled in GVR centers.

Indeed, the sense of community in Green Valley is alive. Residents of Green Valley are always ready to help out others who are in need. This is one of the reasons why many people continue to invest in new homes in Green Valley. If you are also interested in Green Valley real estate, contact Dorn Homes – the most reliable among Green Valley home builders. Dorn-built new homes in Green Valley are stylish, comfortable, convenient, and energy efficient. One community definitely worth checking out is Dorn Homes’s new joint venture with Fairfield Homes, Solterra.


Grand Opening in Solterra

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Dorn Homes Pantano Community

When it comes to living in comfort and convenience, Dorn Homes encourages everyone to check out Pantano Homes. An ideal community that is perfectly nestled at the heart of Tucson, Dorn Homes’s Pantano Community is the right choice for first-time homeowners, military personnel of the nearby Davis-Monthan Air Force Base, and anyone who seeks a comfy yet stylish single-family home.

Anyone would love living in a Pantano community home because it is just a short drive away from schools and the market. As an added bonus, an amazing backdrop of mountains with miles of trails and nature is practically in your backyard.

Fun recreation is accessible, too. The Pantano Riding Stables is a popular destination for trail rides, wagon rides, and summer horse camp. Western riding adventure is guaranteed to be a blast. Holiday events are also held at the Pantano Riding Stables.

Pantano Community Home in Arizona

Arizona’s second largest city, Tucson, is one of North America’s oldest continuously inhabited areas. Tucson has a gorgeous city skyline with an amazing backdrop of the Santa Catalina Mountains, Rincon Mountains, and Tucson Mountains. The warm climate makes it an ideal place to seek outdoor activities and discover the beauty of the Sonoran Desert. Golf, a mainstream sport in Arizona, is accessible in Tucson as well with world-class courses that would delight any golfer.

As the oldest incorporated city in Arizona (Tucson was incorporated in 1877), Tucson boasts of a metropolitan lifestyle, but with homely neighborhoods. Over 150 companies in Tucson are involved in the design and manufacture of optics and optoelectronic systems, earning it the nickname Optics Valley. But this “Old Pueblo” remains grounded and remembers its culture and heritage through their festivities, cultural shows/events, cuisine, and preservation of museums and historical sites. Alongside these traditional features are more modern offerings like luxurious spas, amazing golf courses, and lively shopping districts. It’s no surprise that every Tucsonan is a satisfied resident of a Tucson community home.

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ATCA Hike Club to Commemorate Long Trail

On Nov. 10, 2011, the Green Valley Hiking Club will help honor one of the longest trails in the country through the Arizona Trail Centennial Adventure or ATCA.

The Arizona Trail Association, which helps maintain, protect and promote the trail, has encouraged groups including cyclists, equestrians, runners and hikers to participate this fall by choosing from among 43 passages along the scenic route that stretches more than 800 miles from Mexico to Utah.

Begun in 1988, the route was the dream of Flagstaff teacher Dale Shewalter. Businesses and individuals have donated time and money over the years to make it a reality. It’s nearly complete and encompasses local ranges like the Santa Ritas, Huachucas, Rincons and Catalinas.

With about 450 members, the club has hiked all of them and many more in their storied history here.

They have gathered each Thursday morning for nearly 30 years to car pool to trail heads in 25 mountain ranges all over Southern Arizona.

They have nine hikes set for the celebration at various locations along the Arizona Trail. According to Hikemaster Dan Schroeder, most of them are on the east side of the Santa Ritas and some are in the Catalinas, Rincons and Canelo Hills.

Schroeder said, “It’s our way of celebrating the 100th anniversary of the state.”

With such fun recreational activities, it is not surprising to see that many people are buying and building homes in AZ. A lot of people are interested in a comfy and sophisticated house for sale in Green Valley. Dorn Homes, the most trusted among home builders in South Arizona, offers amazing new homes in Green Valley. This multi-awarded Arizona home builder creates stylish, convenient, comfortable, and energy efficient homes that would enable anyone to have a great living experience.

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Arizona for a Perfect Hiking Day

Tucson in Arizona offers lovely paths for hiking with your dog. Author Kelli Donley of azcentral writes about tips and tricks on hiking on a perfect day in Arizona with your dog.

The weather is right, and you aren’t the only one itching for some outdoor therapy. Your dog is ready to hit the trail, too. With just a little preparation, you and your dog can be ready for a hike in town or on a more adventurous rural route.

“Good leash manners, a strong ‘come’ command and a well-tested ‘sit-stay’ are the absolute bare-minimum obedience skills a dog must have before hitting the trail,” says Jamie J. DeBenedetto, a dog trainer, hike leader and founder of the Canine Hiking Club of Arizona.

DeBenedetto recommends starting with shorter, easier trips to build up your dog’s stamina, as well as its footpads. Keep in mind temperatures, terrain and total distance when planning your animal’s preconditioning. As your furry partner gains strength and you learn what is normal and within his abilities, you can venture out for longer periods,” she says.

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Know the dangers

Tucson hiker Andy Flach says it’s important to understand your environment and potential dangers.

“Depending on where you hike in Arizona, you could unexpectedly encounter mountain lions, bears, coyotes, deer, wolves, cattle, horses, javelina, etc.,” he says. “If you have your dog off-leash, an encounter with one of these animals might go worse than if your dog had been on-leash.

“At the very least, you should have some kind of game plan for animal encounters and be comfortable with the risk involved.”

In Best Hikes With Dogs: Arizona (Mountaineers Books, 2005, $16.95), Renee Guillory lists essentials for hiking dogs, including obedience training, a backpack, a first-aid kit, food, water and identification tags.

DeBenedetto advises getting your pooch used to hiking gear before hitting the trail.

“If you plan to have your dog wear a pack, booties or other gear, these items need to be introduced to the preconditioning regimen,” DeBenedetto says. “Use the short trips as test runs to evaluate fit and performance of these items.”

Flach stresses that water is the most essential component for both two- and four-legged hikers.

“Bring something to use as a water bowl for your dog, and bring plenty of water for both of you,” he says. “Collapsible fabric water bowls (are) sold for this purpose. You can also just bring along a light plastic bowl in your pack. In a pinch, and if you are careful, you can use a quart-size freezer bag as a water bowl, but it is less than ideal.”

Use a leash

It may be tempting to let your dog off the leash, but unless you’re familiar with the terrain and those you’re sharing the trail with, it’s not recommended.

“The cacti are mean, and the snakes are meaner,” says Phyllis Ralley of the Arizona Trail Association. “Keep your dog close and on a leash.”

Read more about the landscape of Tucson Arizona here.

Flach says hikers with dogs must be mindful of those who aren’t so keen on canines.

“Unless you can reliably and instantaneously call your dog to your side in all circumstances, you should consider keeping your dog on a leash, unless you are on a real remote trail with no traffic,” he says. “Some people don’t like dogs, or they have small children with them, and they can get scared or upset if they turn a corner and some strange dog runs up to them.

“Also, if your dog is 50 yards ahead of you and someone comes along with an aggressive dog that’s also off-leash, you could end up with an unpleasant situation.”

The golden rule

DeBenedetto says good hiking manners are a must.

Nearly all Arizona trails are canine-friendly, she says, but that could change if hikers with dogs aren’t on their best behavior. At the very least, she advises dog owners to obey all posted rules, such as leash laws, picking up and disposing of pet waste, not allowing dogs to chase wildlife or livestock.

“Beyond that, I encourage keeping in mind that not all other trail users love dogs,” she says. “Stepping off the trail and giving the right of way to all other users is a very nice gesture and usually goes a long way in the minds of your fellow outdoor enthusiasts.”

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