Prescott’s 2012 Whiskey Off-Road Event

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The much-awaited Prescott mountain bike race event, “Whiskey Off-Road 2012”, will finally kickoff this coming Friday, April 27 to Sunday, April 29. Professionals, amateur athletes, and even kids are all welcome to participate in the event. The event will start and end at the center of the downtown area in Whiskey Row, Prescott. This year’s popular bike race offers a $30,000 cash to the lucky winner.

During the Whiskey course, the mountain bikers will be challenged with the steep climb on the pavement while making their way out to the endless single-track offerings located in the Prescott National Forest. Once the bikers are in the forest, they will be able to experience the technical fast single track, smooth fire roads, quality climbing, and the vistas in the homes in Prescott that will absolutely leave them speechless.

In addition to the mountain bike race, there will also be live entertainment by Roger Clyne and the Peacemakers which were gone for a year and now back to perform live due to popular demand. Surely, this Arizona born rock band will make you want to kick off your shoes and dance on the Courthouse Plaza lawn with other music fans in town while enjoying the beer gardens provided by New Belgium Brewing. This live entertainment also supports the Yavapai County Food Bank by donating at least 2 canned goods for every participant in the mountain bike event.

Participants, spectators, friends, families living in the homes in Prescott and random wanderers will surely enjoy this 3-day event in Prescott’s downtown area. For registration, online and snail-mail registration forms are available at

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Prescott Animal Hospital Honored with Employer Champion Award

The Prescott Animal Hospital received the Employer Champion Award during the Passport to Prosperity’s 2012 Cooperative Education Employer’s Excellence Awards held at the North Grenville Municipal Centre in Kemptville last Wednesday, April 11, 2012.

For almost 25 years, Arizona’s Prescott Animal Hospital has been supporting the cooperative education of the Upper Canada District School Board (UCDSB) and the Catholic District School Board of Eastern Ontario. The clinic has offered the students real-world work experiences including the ability to accompany veterinarians on service calls, prepare surgical instruments in the operating room, as well as assisting staff members when animals are brought to the clinic for treatment.

The Passport to Prosperity program, administered by the Upper Canada Leger Centre for Education and Training, rewards businesses and organizations within the western regions of the Catholic District School Board of Eastern Ontario (CDSBEO) and the Upper Canada District School Board (UCDSB) who have given their best efforts in creating valuable and real-world cooperative education placements for students.

Dr. Jerome Billett, a co-owner of the business and also a veterinarian who hosted the cooperative education, overwhelmingly expressed his thoughts saying, “It’s a tremendous honor to receive an award for something we do because we want to do it – it’s a win-win situation for us”. Billett also added, “This real world experience helps them (students) make some of the most important decision in their young lives.”

During the event, a Grade 12 coop student named Brandie-Lee Cullen of the South Grenville District High School talked about how significant the experience was for her – for she loved working with animals and when she was placed with the Prescott Animal Hospital, she knew that this is the career she would want to pursue.

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Prescott Valley on General Plan 2025

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Prescott, AZ – The Planning and Zoning Commission has recently discussed four chapters or fundamentals of the General Plan 2025. The meeting began at 5:30 PM, Monday at the library auditorium, 7401 E. Civic Circle.

The council, composed of six members who act as advisory body to the Town Council, furthers that The General Plan would consist of community goals and development policies for the next 10 to 20 years. These will include texts, maps, and diagrams. Likewise, the commission has already conducted public hearings on chapters 3 through 6 which cover Growth Area Element, Land Use, Housing, and Circulation.

Chapter 3 aims to provide guidance for growth in Prescott Valley that is “logical and healthy”, and will improve the quality of life in the entire community.

Meanwhile, Chapter 4 and Chapter 5 emphasize Land Use and Housing, respectively. Although the latter was reported not to exist in the previous update, it emphasized “the availability and affordability of a variety of housing options [that are] critical for the continued growth and success of any community”.

Chapter 6 tackles Circulation and “focuses on the movement of vehicles, pedestrians, bicycles and other forms of transportation through the existing and future roads and trail system”.

The update has a total of 12 chapters while the rest are yet to be reviewed before the commission.

The news seems favorable to property developers especially that it tackled the establishment of affordable homes in Prescott.

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Source: Prescott Valley Tribune

Market Trends in Prescott

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Prescott, AZ – Just recently, the average cost of real estate property in Prescott, AZ increased to $111 per square foot, compared to the same period last year when it decreased by 0.9%.

The median sales price for homes in Prescott AZ for Dec 2011 to Feb 2012 was $195,625 based on 250 home sales. Compared to the same period one year ago, the median home sales price decreased by 4.5% ($9,117) and the number of home sales decreased by 30.2%.

There are currently 1,990 resale and new homes in Prescott on Trulia, including 1 open house, as well as 281 homes in the pre-foreclosure, auction, or bank-owned stages of the foreclosure process.

The average listing price of homes for sale in Prescott, AZ was $394,072 for the week ending in Feb 29, which represents a decrease of 1.3% ($5,003) compared to the prior week.

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Arizona acquires $1.6B in mortgage fraud settlement

Arizona officials announced a pair of settlements with large banks over allegations of improper lending and foreclosure practices that will result in more than a billion dollars of aid for struggling homeowners. Arizona’s portion of a nationwide, $26 billion settlement with the country’s five biggest lenders will be $1.6 billion—the third-largest share after hard-hit California and Florida.

Most of the money in that deal, announced Feb. 9 after negotiations by attorneys general across the country, will be paid out by lenders in the form of principal reductions—cutting the amount of money that certain borrowers are responsible for repaying on their home loans. Lenders will also dedicate part of the funds to reducing other borrowers’ interest payments and will issue $2,000 payments to people who lost homes in improperly managed foreclosures.

A second, smaller settlement with Bank of America (BofA) ends a state lawsuit over the bank’s lending practices and will fund consumer protection and future investigation of mortgage lending.

However, the national settlement will not deliver assistance to every struggling homeowner. It applies only to mortgages held by the five large lenders and does not extend to borrowers with loans backed by federal mortgage giants Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, who make up more than half of all mortgage holders.

Still, federal officials estimate that 60,000 Arizona borrowers could see assistance with their principal or interest rates. The settlement marks the first time lenders have agreed, on any large scale, to forgive money owed by underwater borrowers.

“These settlements will help Arizona homeowners and the state’s economy that is so tied to housing,” Arizona Attorney General Tom Horne said. “I think we are holding banks accountable.”

Only borrowers with loans owned by BofA, Citigroup, the former GMAC (now known as Ally Financial), JPMorgan Chase and Wells Fargo are eligible for aid from the national settlement. The five lenders are responsible for contacting eligible homeowners in the coming month to offer assistance. For additional information, you can head over to

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Strong Bond for Girl and Dog with Type 1 Diabetes

Tucson, AZ – Eight year-old Madalaine Hembraugh and her foster dog, Petey are living proof that the unconditional love of a dog can be an amazing source of strength and resilience for its owner. They each have Type 1 diabetes and have formed a bond that is helping to heal both.

The one-year-old Terrier-mix Petey came to the Humane Society of Southern Arizona as a stray dog. Petey was very skinny, and was barely alive with a severely injured back leg that had to be removed.

After months of treatment at the HSSA Spay & Neuter Clinic, Petey went home with Madalaine and her mom Dr. Karter Neal, veterinarian and Medical Director of the HSSA, to recover in foster care.

Madalaine and Petey test blood sugar levels each night together. Madalaine uses an insulin pump and gives Petey her excess insulin.

“It has really helped. It’s nice to have someone else who has diabetes living here,” says Madalaine.

When Madalaine was diagnosed five years ago, she was the only one in her school with diabetes. Today, six in her school have it.

“She is teaching Petey that you can live a normal life with diabetes, says Dr. Neal. “It’s amazing to see how they have responded to each other.”

Dr. Neal cautions to look out for the following signs in your pet as symptoms of Type 1 diabetes, which is most common in canines: increased urination, drinking of excessive amounts of water or sudden weight loss.

Founded in 1944, the Humane Society of Southern Arizona (HSSA) is a nonprofit charitable organization, funded solely by donations and the services they offer to the public. It does not receive government funding. It stands on its own and saves the lives of thousands more animals than all other agencies in southern Arizona combined.

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Tucson Resident Exhibits Bravery by Taking Down Accused Thief

Tucson, AZ – Monday, January 30, Tucson resident William Sponaas took down a thief outside of the Big Lots store.

Sponaas says he saw a man trying to get away after stealing a shopping cart full of socks. While he was busy chasing after the bad guy, his daughter Mariah was back at the car calling for 911.

The two made their way across the intersection weaving through strip malls. About an hour later, Sponaas took the guy down when he tried to push Sponaas into traffic.

“I tripped his feet from underneath him and grabbed the back of his ankles and held him down,” described Sponaas.

Eventually police showed up and arrested the guy. The whole event lasted an hour. It was an exhausting experience for Sponaas, but he says he would do it again.

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Blood pressure checks and making new friends at Friends in Deed

Green Valley, AZ – Friends in Deed (FID), Green Valley’s oldest non-profit organization, has started a new program called “Friends in Deed Friday” where you can get your blood pressure checked and meet new friends at the same time.

Launched in early January, the Friends in Deed Friday program offers free blood pressure screenings every Friday. Participants can enjoy an assortment of treats afterwards in a room set up especially for socializing. Goodies like fresh fruits, cheeses, pastries, cookies, and coffee are just some of the free offerings.
In addition, hobbies, artwork or other crafts created by different groups and individuals are shared with the participants every Friday. Jan Travis, a miniature collector and doll-house creator, had on display her replica of St. Francis-in-the-Valley Episcopal Church at one of the screenings. The details of her church—both inside and out—made her creation a wonderful conversation starter at the event.

More recently, Don Moberg and Laura Greenfield, two members of the Green Valley Woodcarvers, a group that also meets at FID, were on hand explaining their craft to those enjoying a snack after their screening. RN Betsey Medearis helped spearhead the program, and so far it has been a hit.

The Friends in Deed Friday blood pressure screenings run from 8:30 a.m. to 10:30 a.m. every Friday at Friends in Deed, 301 W. Camino Casa Verde, Green Valley. Everyone is invited to join and free transportation from Villas East and Villas West is available by calling 625-4424. No wheelchair transportation is available at this time, however. Contact FID at 625-1150 for further information.

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Expansion plans for Tubac Center of the Arts

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According to a center official, the planned expansion of the Tubac Center of the Arts (TCA) could boost tourism when it provides a new gallery for featuring shows of well-known local painters such as Hugh Cabot, Ross Stefan and Dale Nichols.
TCA Treasurer of Board of Directors Dave Bouchein said a fundraising drive has already been started with a goal of $700,000. Thanks to one-on-one talks with donors and through bequests from two estates, $355,000 has already been raised.

“We really want it to be of the artists of this area so we can collect and present the art work of the artists who made the Santa Cruz Valley and Tubac what it is today,” Bouchein said. “We think we’re going to draw a lot of people for that. People have heard of these artists in the past and come and ask where they can see it. There is no place to see it now.”

About 3,400 square feet will be added to the present 5,800-square-foot building. The $700,000 goal will cover for the construction costs of about $560,000 and $140,000 will be added to the endowment fund to pay for operating costs. The art center already owns the land on which the expansion is planned, Bouchein said.

Since it was built in 1972, the TCA has had two additions, which include the Smith Gallery currently used for displaying art. It also has a stage for performing arts and a space in the rear of the building that is used for storage and office space.

According to Bouchein, the art center’s storage space is getting cramped. But with the expansion, the receiving and shipping for the frequently changing art shows will have more area. The small kitchen for volunteers and the aging restrooms will likewise be replaced.

Also included in the new plan are a workshop and lecture hall, meeting room, art reference library, and more office space for employees and volunteers. Handicapped access will be added outside and the front landscaping and signage will be improved.

The schedule calls for the fundraising drive to conclude at the end of May and for groundbreaking to happen in November.

Presentations to the public showing the floor plan will be shown on March 9 and March 14 at 9 a.m., or March 11 at 4 p.m. at the art center.

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