Strong Bond for Girl and Dog with Type 1 Diabetes

Tucson, AZ – Eight year-old Madalaine Hembraugh and her foster dog, Petey are living proof that the unconditional love of a dog can be an amazing source of strength and resilience for its owner. They each have Type 1 diabetes and have formed a bond that is helping to heal both.

The one-year-old Terrier-mix Petey came to the Humane Society of Southern Arizona as a stray dog. Petey was very skinny, and was barely alive with a severely injured back leg that had to be removed.

After months of treatment at the HSSA Spay & Neuter Clinic, Petey went home with Madalaine and her mom Dr. Karter Neal, veterinarian and Medical Director of the HSSA, to recover in foster care.

Madalaine and Petey test blood sugar levels each night together. Madalaine uses an insulin pump and gives Petey her excess insulin.

“It has really helped. It’s nice to have someone else who has diabetes living here,” says Madalaine.

When Madalaine was diagnosed five years ago, she was the only one in her school with diabetes. Today, six in her school have it.

“She is teaching Petey that you can live a normal life with diabetes, says Dr. Neal. “It’s amazing to see how they have responded to each other.”

Dr. Neal cautions to look out for the following signs in your pet as symptoms of Type 1 diabetes, which is most common in canines: increased urination, drinking of excessive amounts of water or sudden weight loss.

Founded in 1944, the Humane Society of Southern Arizona (HSSA) is a nonprofit charitable organization, funded solely by donations and the services they offer to the public. It does not receive government funding. It stands on its own and saves the lives of thousands more animals than all other agencies in southern Arizona combined.

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