Ski Valley opens earlier than expected thanks to winter storms

Tucson, AZ – Last week’s winter storms left Mt. Lemmon covered in over two feet of snow. Thanks to the Friday winter blast, Ski Valley officially opened for business. For skiers and snowboarders like Matt Russell, the weekend started a little early.

“An epic day at Mt. Lemmon Ski Valley,” said Matt Russell.

Thirty plus inches of snow on top of a 14-inch base is not a bad way to open up Ski Valley. These conditions easily made for a busy day on the slopes. Everyone felt like a little kid in the snow—from seasoned snowboarders to first timers.

No one expected Tucson’s winter escape to open up this early in the season, but all the snow made it possible. Of course, the business owners are not complaining.

“Definitely good for business, right before holidays to open this early this year,” said area manager Graham Davies.

The Friday sun didn’t warm things up too much, but that’s the way the skiers like it. When it was time to call it a day and head back to snow-less Tucson, Tucsonans were not too disappointed. After all, Ski Valley is just an hour away and the snow’s not going anywhere anytime soon.

With the Ski Valley just an hour away, snow-loving Tucson folks definitely have a lot to be happy about. Tucson’s accessibility makes it an attractive location and it should not be surprising that more people want to own homes in Tucson. If you think a Tucson home fits your lifestyle, get in touch with the most reliable among home builders in Tucson. Dorn Homes, a notable Arizona home builder, builds Tucson new homes that are stylish, convenient, comfortable, and energy efficient.


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