There’s a New Dog in Town

Warrensburg, MO – There’s a new kind of restaurant coming to town that won’t be serving your typical hamburger-and-fry fare. “Crazy Dog” will be specializing in gourmet hot dogs, wings and beer.

Brandon Godwin and Casey LeBlanc, owners and managers of the Quiznos in town, just signed the lease this week and are beginning to work on their new endeavor.

“We wanted to do something new,” Godwin said. LeBlanc explained “We were just talking about hot dogs one day and how they would probably be the next big thing, so we decided to make up a menu and we did,” she said. “It’s like the last American category that hasn’t been taken to that level,” Godwin said.

“Crazy Dog” will be in the new Central Plaza Shopping Center across from Family Video. “We are the first ones to sign a lease there,” Godwin said. “We are going to be the end building with the double windows and the patio,” he said. “And we have a drive-thru, which probably won’t be open in the beginning.”

LeBlanc said they chose that location for the patio mostly. “It’s also a block over from the university, and it’s on the main road in town,” Godwin said. “And it’s a block up from Pine Street,” he said with a smile, “so, we might plan on being open late at night on Thursday, Friday and Saturday.”

They are starting to set up there now and trying to get the equipment in. “It’s all new construction, so the concrete hasn’t even been poured inside,” LeBlanc said. “It has some work to be done. But hopefully, we’ll be open by Jan. 1.” “That’s like the worst case scenario,” Godwin added. “It would be nice to be open by Dec. 1.”

Godwin takes the credit for coining the name “Crazy Dog.” “I just said it one day, and it just stuck.” LeBlanc said he kept trying to change the name, but it was already set. “Then, we bought the domain, which made it official,” Godwin said.

Boar’s Head will be Crazy Dog’s supplier of all the beef hot dogs and many other ingredients, which Godwin said they are pretty excited about. So what will the menu consist of? “Beef dogs, chicken dogs, turkey dogs on like a parmesan bun or toasted bread…” Godwin said. “We will also have wings and bottles of craft beers, like Blue Moon and Boulevard, for sure.”

They are still working on the prices of the menu items, LeBlanc said, “but we want you to be able to get lunch for $6 to $8.”

Godwin said he thinks “Crazy Dog” will definitely fare well in this college town. “We want to start here because we know the market, and we’ve lived in this town. And then, maybe we’ll expand in another town,” Godwin said.

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