Where to Buy a Home for Retirement: Tucson in Arizona

With housing prices going down, this seems to be the perfect timing for the American to make decisions on buying his retirement house. MSN Realestate reports that:

The historic real-estate crash has created all sorts of opportunities for Americans looking to buy retirement opportunities. Home prices in 20 major metropolitan areas have declined roughly 28% from their 2006 peaks.

And given that real-estate values in many traditional retirement spots — like Florida and Arizona — have fallen even harder than the national average, Americans who are ready to retire are in a particularly favorable position.

New Homes in Tucson, Arizona comes up to be one of the Top 10 Best Homes to Buy for Retirement.

With 350 days of sunshine a year, Tucson residents don’t have any excuses for staying indoors. Retirees can hike through the five surrounding mountain ranges, explore a nearby cave, visit a Native American archaeological dig or check out the Center for Creative Photography. The median home price in Tucson declined 14%, to $150,000, from the second quarter of 2009 to the same period of 2010.

Being a major city in the Arizona Sun Corridor, Tucson is an ideal place for new homes to be built especially for people who like Southern living but in a populous metropolitan area. The number of homes in Tucson is continuously growing because of the many activities this city offers.

To find out more about New Homes in Tucson, click here.

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